Bunu Biliyor Muydun?

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    Before we move on to the solution, we would like to point out that the main reason for this error is:

    It's because you've sent too much spam lately:

    • Liking too many posts, commenting on too many people, following/unfollowing too many users, or sending multiple direct messages in a short period of time.
    • Here are some of the reasons Instagram restricts your account:
    • Mass like, mass comment, mass follow/unfollow
    • Same comments (emojis, one-word, etc.) under all posts.
    • Unsafe use of automation tools.

    How to Fix Try Again Later Error:

    We explained the reason for this error, but how can we tell Instagram that you are no longer a spam account:

    • Remove any link in your bio.
    • Log in from a different ip (turn off and on the phone or modem).
    • Change your password.
    • Do not like, comment or send a follow request to anyone for a long time (1-2 months) from your account.
    • Your profile account or post may have been reported. If you can remove the post you suspect has been reported, remove it.
    • Try logging in from Instagram Web.

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