Fix Your connection is not private on Chrome on Mac

  • If you are getting errors such as your connection with this site is not secure or not confidential when you enter a site on the phone or computer;

    The reason for this error is that although it says that this site is under attack, all information is stolen, which may be correct, but 90% may be because the site's ssl certificate has expired, so the https:// link does not work, but your site or browser still redirects you to https://.

    This error on the phone can be due to many reasons, such as viruses, old operating system of your phone, etc. as

    Before moving on to solutions:

    Everyone says reset Chrome, but when I get this error, I always believe and reset it and it will never work, I think this should be your last option.

    Solution Ways:

    1- Check and download updates from Play Store.

    2- If your job is urgent, if you want to enter the site, click the Advanced text under the error and click continue with this site. Enters the site, but all responsibility belongs to you.


    3- Open Chrome Settings and privacy security -->


    Turn off Always use secure connections and restart Chrome.


    4- Check your Date and Time region settings and set them according to your own location.