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  • The method of buying games on Steam very, very cheaply is with you;

    For example: GTA 5: $50 to $10

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 from $60 to $30

    NOTE: You will get a lot of games cheap, not just these games. These are just a few examples

    How to get discounted games on Steam:

    1- We download any vpn. (not browser vpn. vpn program) my suggestion: Adguard vpn contains: Turkey and Argentina

    2- we connect to Argentina or Turkey

    3-We enter google, then write steam and enter the site. Then we update our country as Argentina from the account settings and we are done with the browser.

    4- We run our steam program. Again, we choose our country as Argentina from the account settings. Address details will appear before us. write them aaa-bbb-ccc felan so there is no need to write your real information.

    5- We approve the country change.

    6- and now you can get our games cheap

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