• We all know the 10 most popular games on Steam. Which game do you hate the most? Let's take a look at our list of disliked games with the giants behind that list.

    10. WWE 2K20

    wwe 2k20.jpg

    WWE(American wrestling) which everyone watched when they were little, is the last entry on our list .Most bad reviews about this game is specially about bugs.

    9. Cube World

    Actually we can say that, this game was not enough for sequel game. If you gonna play this game first time it's not so bad.


    8. Artifact

    It might be surprising to have Valve on this list. The worst thing about this game is absolutely P2W(pay to win)


    7. Nether: Resurrected

    The developer's lack of interest in the game received negative votes due to many bugs and optimization problems in the game.


    6. Infestation: Survivor Stories 2020

    Although the content of the game is good, but it has received a low score 'cause of the cheating.

    infestation survvor strories.jpg

    5. Deus Ex: The Fall

    It's an another sequal game disaster. If you gonna play this game in first time it's good but, If you gonna play all games in series, you should read all reviews.

    deusx the fall.jpg

    4. Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction

    We can say this game received all negative reviews.

    flatout3 chaos.jpg


    This game received negative reviews for unbalanced stuff in game.

    resident evil resistance.jpg

    2. NBA 2K18

    This game especially received very negative reviews for P2W(pay to win)

    PS: All NBA2K games received so many negative reviews but 2K18 is the worst of them

    nba 2k18.jpg

    1. eFootball 2022

    And the worst game of our list. No one thought this game would be this bad. KONAMI has put forward a game that deserves to be the 1st in this list both visually and in terms of gameplay.