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    Welcome to my tutorial, after several tests, I can finally unveil the Amazon Refund method without going through a refunder and pay a significant fee. However, this method contains measures to be followed and warnings before embarking on this method.

    This method is only to be reproduced once per Amazon account, credit card, address, IP, email and phone number. If any activity is suspected by amazon, you should return the products if you do not follow the steps. If you follow my steps and repeat the method only once, you are guaranteed that nothing will happen.
    Use your amazon account to place your order. Do not use a VPN.

    Step 1- Order your products with a maximum value of $500-600, Order a maximum of 1-2 products. This step is very important.

    Step 2- Receive your order, note the order number and the type of packaging. Do not behave suspiciously with the delivery person, receive it as a normal person.

    Step 3- Contact Amazon support by live chat, the schedules must be specified, they will ask you a type of question: "Why are you contacting us so late?

    Step 4- Find the best excuse that works well, "I didn't receive anything in my package" Give him the ID order, don't act like a regular, wait until he finishes writing before anything else.

    Step 5- An investigation will be launched with a 25% chance, be reassured, it will answer you;" Ok, the carrier said It was a fault by them. They had some Problems with delivering the Item told me a SuperAdvisor." , "I proceed with the replacement for the Amazon item and a refund for the seller item."

    Step 6- You have the choice between a replacement or a refund, the refund will be in amazon gift card. I recommend the Refund, the replacement will take a lot of days.

    Step 7- Wait 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email that you have been refunded to your amazon account.

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